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Archaeological areas in Tylisos Municipality

Sklavokampos Mansion in Gonies

In a distance of 8 km away from Tylisos we will meet the Sklavokampos Mansion. In 1930, when the road of Tylisos-Anogia was being opened, a little before Gonies, the ruins of a large ancient building were discovered. The excavations of Spiros Marinatos that followed brought to light a mansion of the Minoan era built around 1500 BC.
The most important findings were 39 potter seals (they were used for the safety of the letters and packages like the sealing-wax) with different presentations impressed on them. There were also found painted vessels, cups, jars and tools. From the point the mansion lies passed one of the most important roads which connected the western with the central Crete.

The Sklavokampos Mansion resembles the three Mansions found in Tylisos, but it isn’t as luxurious as they are. It was destructed by fire that was caused by an earthquake (probably the one of the explosion of the Thira Volcano in 1450).

From its walls today only the stands are being saved. They used to be quite higher once, but were destroyed during the 2nd World War. Around the Mansion there have been discovered buildings of the after-Minoan era, sign of existence of a whole settlement in the region. From the Sklavokampos (which means “Slave-plain”) Mansion you can enjoy the view to the long and narrow valley of Sklavokampos (it is called so because, according to tradition, during the revolutions of Crete, seven Tourkish pashas were consecutively enslaved there). 

Sklavokampos Minoan Mansion

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